Clément DUMUR
2014 - 15 Intake

Company & location: Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Current position: Analyst, Hedge Fund / Private Equity

The MSc(IM) program has been an incredible experience. As a foreigner in Hong Kong, I have been able to learn about a new culture and at the same time to drastically improve my knowledge of finance. The quality of the teaching faculty and the course contents are flawless and focus on academic excellence. One of my favorite classes has been Trading in Equity Markets with Pr. Mohammed Apabhai, Director of Citigroup Trading Strategies. It was a perfect mix between technical knowledge and practical views about the industry. The HKUST Campus is wonderful and it is a real privilege to study every day in this environment. HKUST taught me to never have dreams, but always to have goals.

Allison SUN
2014 - 15 Intake

Company & location: Barclays, Hong Kong
Current position: Equity Analyst

The faculty of the program delivered very professional lectures. All of them were knowledgeable. Besides learning about theory, some of the courses were very practical, covering aspects such as Reuters, and financial modeling, etc.

I was also impressed by the diverse student mix. My classmates came from different countries, such as Turkey, France, Sweden, India, and Russia etc. This allowed us to learn how to appreciate different cultures. I also learned a lot from talking with those who had gained working experience before taking the program.

2014 - 15 Intake

Company & location: Jefferies LLC, Hong Kong
Current position: Management Associate

It has been a great privilege to become one of the first batch of full-time students of the MSc(IM) program. Everything seemed new and exciting, and we were all very keen on specially designed course content.

I also appreciated the efforts from the MSc Programs Office since the admission interviews. There were clear and thorough instructions for every key step we had to take. I felt well supported during the entire year of my study.

Bariscan KARA
2014 - 15 Intake

Current student from Turkey

I studied the MSc(IM) program and had a great learning experience throughout my study. The course content was very well designed, and provided me fundamental knowledge in field of finance. On top of that, with my elective courses I had the opportunity to learn more about the subjects that I had always been curious about. The level of class was quite challenging and my classmates and professors pushed me to maximise my learning from the time that I spent at HKUST. After that intense period with the MSc(IM) program, I felt that I built up the skill set required for a successful career in finance.

2014 - 15 Intake

Company & location: Macquire
Current position: Associate, Commodities and Financial Markets

As a foreigner in Hong Kong with no local language skills, I experienced a lot of difficulties while looking for a job here at the beginning. My career advisor was very helpful in preparing me for my interviews and I was very lucky to have her assistance. Everything I learned during the program was extremely important and helpful - I felt well-prepared even for the most challenging interview questions.

Van LI
2014 - 15 Intake

Company & location: China Securities (International), Hong Kong
Current position: Management Trainee

The MSc(IM) program started with equipping all we need to prepare for a successful career in the financial world. These include workshops on job searching, resume and cover letter writing, aptitude test, interview, assessment center, social networking, image building, etc. Professional career advisors approached us by time to time and help in figuring out the career path which suit us the best. 

All of us are like in a big family. We treat the staff from MSc program office like part of us, who provide opportunities to build close ties between each other and fully support our self-organized activities such as boat trips, hiking and dinner parties. They are someone you can trust, and make life-long friends with.